Shop MERV / FPR Rating

The higher the air filter MERV rating, the smaller the particles the filter can capture and block.

MERV 8 | FPR 5 | MPR 600:
Blocks dust, pollen, lint, mold spores, pet dander.

MERV 10 | FPR 5-6 | MPR 600-800:
Catches mold spores, pollen, smog, dust, pet dander, lint, hair spray.

MERV 11| FPR 7-8 | MPR 1000-1200:
Removes allergens, dust, bacteria, lead dust, milled flour, auto emissions and other fumes, plus everything a MERV 10 blocks.

MERV 13| FPR 10 | MPR 1900-2200:
Protects from virus carriers, bacteria, tobacco smoke, and particles that make you sneeze, plus everything a MERV 11 filter captures.