Shipping & Returns

Doing What We Can to Provide the Best

Free Shipping
When you make an order, your filters will be shipped for FREE - and we mean it, FREE, at no cost to you! Our wonderful warehouse team carefully packages and ships from North Carolina, within one business day of your order. Yes, your filters will ship out either the same day, or the next business day, depending on the time the order was placed. We ship your filters via USPS, FedEx Ground or FedEx Smart Post. Filter orders generally arrive between 2-7 business days of shipment, depending on your location in the continental United States. It can be difficult to predict exactly when your order will arrive, but we can let you know that shipping to the Eastern US takes about 1-4 days, while the Midwest can take 3-4 days, and the West Coast can unfortunately take up to 7 days. We do not offer shipping outside of the continental United States at this time, but check back - we’ll let you know if that changes!

Easy Returns
We care, first and foremost, about your 100% satisfaction, and do our absolute best to ensure your order is accurate and arrives on-time and undamaged. However, mistakes can happen despite our best efforts! So with your 100% satisfaction in mind, what happens if something goes wrong with your order?

What happens if your filter was damaged during its journey to your doorstep?
Don’t worry! We’ll happily replace any damaged filters - we just ask that you send us a photo that we can pass along to our shipping carrier. That way, we can take care of things on our end and ensure you, and every other customer, get the quality product you expected when making your order.

What happens if you accidentally order the wrong size?
No problem! Filter sizing can be a pain, and we understand that mistakes happen. Just let us know, and we’ll replace them with the correct size, and send you a free return shipping label so you can send back the filters you don’t need.

Did we make a mistake? Did the filters just not work out?
We want you to be 100% satisfied with your order - if you’re not, just let us know! We do our best to give you the best, and we appreciate any feedback you can offer so we can improve our processes and policies. We’ll do what we can to make things right, even if that means refunding your order in full. If it comes to that, we’ll send a free return shipping label. Simply send the order back to receive a full refund.
If you do receive a refund, it will be issued on the day the returned order is received, or upon verification of shipment via tracking. Once the refund is issued, your bank will process the refund, which generally takes 4-8 days, though your bank may vary. Please note that to make our no-hassle return policy work for everyone; we greatly appreciate it when you let us know of any problems within 90 days of receiving your order.