Worst Smells In The World

Worst Smells In The World

Worst Smells In The World

28th Oct 2021

You may think you have a terrible odor lurking in your home or office, but what if we told you there were even more horrifying smells all around the world? While smell can be subjective (we’re talking to you lovers of the smell of gasoline), there’s no denying this list of the worst smells on Earth.

Surstromming: A Swedish delicacy that literally means “sour herring”. This is Baltic herring that are fermented for at least six months, canned, and then sold to grocery stores during the Summer. Yes, people eat this along with the horrendous smell.

Durian: A native fruit to Southeast Asia, the smell has been compared to rotten onions and sewage. Ready to take a bite? Despite the odor, many people love the fruit for its sweet taste and texture.

Skunk: A smell we are all too familiar with, the skunk is among one of the worst smells in the world. But don’t get too close, the spray of a skunk can not only create a rotten egg smell, but can irritate the eye and even cause temporary blindness if you come in contact.

Sewage: The smell of sewage can range in how bad the smell is with the temperature it is festering in. Is it a scorching hot day? Yep, that smell is going to be at its worst.

Here are some other top contenders: rotten eggs, animal puke, baby poo.

So the next time you take a whiff of an unruly smell, just remember what you’re smelling could be a lot worse!