16x25x4-3/8 MERV 12 DuPont Replacement HVAC filters for Honeywell & Carrier air cleaners. Case of 3

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16x25x4-3/8 MERV 12 DuPont Replacement HVAC filters for Honeywell, Carrier, & Bryant air cleaners. Case of 3

Exact Filter Size: 15 7/8 x 24 3/4 x 4 3/8 | Nominal Size: 16x25x4 or 16x25x5 | 16 x 25 x 4.38

Filtration Rating: MERV 12 | FPR 9 | MPR 1500-1900

Particles Captured: Bacteria, Dust Mites, Dust, Lint, Mold Spores, Carriers, Pet Dander, Pollen.  Made in the USA. THE SCIENCE OF DUPONT AIR FILTERS: This air filter traps 96% of airborne particles such as dust & mold spores. For every visible particle trapped in your filter there are as many as 100 more that you cannot see which can seep into HVAC systems and eventually into your air. DuPont Air Filters use state-of-the-air science to enhance performance and trap more microparticles. 


Particles Captured by MERV 12 HVAC FIlters

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